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There are many stories and this is one of them. An extraordinary story of Zlatý Bažant, brewed exclusively from 100% malt from Hurbanovo, right in sunny Hurbanovo. We are proud that our innovations can rewrite the history of Slovak beer industry. Cheers, memories! Cheers, Slovakia!


Laying of the foundation stone of the future brewery and malthouse

Our journey has started in a small town in south Slovakia between Žitava and Nitra rivers.


Launch of the malthouse in Hurbanovo

Hurbanovo was strategically chosen as the warmest place in Czechoslovakia, ideal for growing high-quality barley. In the first stage after launching, the capacity of the malthouse was up to 35.000 tons of malt per year.


Completion of the brewery in Hurbanovo

Zlatý Bažant got the malthouse right in the cradle and had full control over main ingredient during the whole process – from a barley grain to a dewy glass of beer. Thanks to the privilege of distributing this beer throughout Czechoslovakia the brewery in Hurbanovo has become one of the most significant breweries in the country.


The first production line for filling beer in cans in the Eastern Bloc

Modern sheet metal package was superior to traditional glass especially due to better storage and transfer, lighter weight and unbreakability. Beer from Hurbanovo in innovative packaging was delivered not only to regular shops, but also to embassies, planes and express trains.


Around the world or the Himalayas with Zlatý Bažant

To prove the durability of our beer in a can we have become part of the equipment of major expeditions. Zlatý Bažant circumnavigated the globe with seafarer Richard Konkolský and a year later, it was part of Czechoslovak expedition to Nanga Parbat.


Export of Zlatý Bažant to the twelve countries

We exported our beer to countries in Europe, Africa and Asia as early as 8 years after the brewery was founded. For example, people in Iceland, Denmark, Tunisia or Afghanistan can enjoy Zlatý Bažant, too.


A can in the universe

The Russian spacecraft Soyuz 29 crew members Kovalyonok and Ivanchevkov took Zlatý Bažant in the universe. The can of beer from Hurbanovo has tried extreme conditions in the orbit.


The arrival of the strong international brewery company Heineken Group

We began to modernize, expand, increase efficiency and quality of production with foreign investment.


Launch of Zlatý Bažant Nealko production

It follows the tradition of the first non-alcoholic beer PITO Bažant, popular in the 80’s.


Original bottle design and twist-off cap

Besides new unique bottle, we presented a new practical opening. Our Zlatý Bažant 12% was the first beer on the Slovak market filled in bottles with an easy-opening twist-off caps.


Bulding the new largest and the most modern malthouse in Central Europe

Thanks to interest in our first-rate malt from abroad the capacity of malthouse increased to 150.000 tons of malt per year.


The beginning of the long-time tradition of festival specials

During the festive seasons we suprise our customers with new beer styles like wheat beer, porter, bock, dark ale yeast, roggen, honey porter, march or IPA. We are very pleased that this custom often has become a beer event of the season.


A design change

We created a new stylish label. Together with golden dress on the neck of a special green bottle it gives this extraordinary beer a truly exceptional touch.


Introduction of a modern tank technology

We tap non-pasteurized beer from stainless steel tanks delivered directly from the brewery. Thanks to this tanks it is perfectly protected. That is why it is always fresh and keeps its original quality.


Introduction of Zlatý Bažant Radler

The quality of Zlatý Bažant combined with refreshing taste of natural juice create a unique taste experience. 100% natural ingredients are ideal for refreshment during hot sunny days.


Introduction of Zlatý Bažant Radler 0.0%

We were the first who brought non-alcoholic radler with really zero content of alcohol on the Slovak market. You can enjoy it wherever you are, even when driving a car.


Brand design change

New design pays tribute to the brewing craft and expresses the return to the roots of the brand, to Hurbanovo. On this occasion we symbolically clink our glasses: Cheers, Slovakia!


Zlatý Bažant Radler 0.0% in a re-closable PET bottle

Popular non-alcoholic radler was filled in practical PET bottles (500ml) that can be easily opened and closed. This package is ideal for all active people to keep their water intake up.


Introduction of Zlatý Bažant ’73

This beer is a true delicacy. Retro design is not the only reminiscent of the past. Inspired by the oldest preserved receipt of Zlatý Bažant from 1973 and using traditional methods along with modern technologies we brewed this extraordinary lager.


Zlatý Bažant Radler 0.0% light

100% natural, 0.0% alcohol and 30% less sugar. We came up with this revolutionary novelty for those who watch their sugar consumption. It will be enjoyed especially by fruit lovers who do not want to compromise between taste and natural ingredients.


50th anniversary of the malthouse and 100% malt from Hurbanovo

A brewery without a malthouse is like a winemaker without a vineyard. In Hurbanovo we have been combining the brewing mastery with thorough craft for decades. On the occassion of this significant milestone we presented 100% malt from Hurbanovo to the whole Slovakia. Our malt gives Zlatý Bažant a unique taste.


Good bye Nealko, welcome Zlatý Bažant 0.0%

After more than 20 years we have finished the production of Zlatý Bažant Nealko because it still contained a bit of alcohol. New Zlatý Bažant 0.0% along with the dark version, is the first Slovak beer without alcohol so that you can be sure behind the steering wheel of your car, at work or while doing any sport.


Brewers from Hurbanovo have been brewing the Zlatý Bažant beer for you in good faith and with love already for long years. Until the small grains of barley turn into a golden liquid on your table, they must go through a long and difficult journey.