Full color TV broadcasting, modern products and materials from the 70's completely changed the face of the Christmas. We have looked right into the eyes of this face to take people back in time a couple of years to the 1970s.
To times when neighbours borrowed sugar for cakes, and instead sent Christmas and New Years wishes instead of e-mails.

Zlatý Bažant '73 is a beer that blends tradition with brand innovation and original brewing methods with the current ones. But also an older and younger generation of brew masters who share a common enthusiasm in the production of the new beer. And it will continue to connect - its story, design and exceptional taste will appeal to young, modern consumers as well as middle or older generations of beer enthusiasts.

We wish you to glow with happiness during these Christmas. Turn on the lights, stop the quarrel and cheers to the special moments with an extraordinary lager from 1973.